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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions a person can make in their lifetime. That’s why Madriu Real Estate is here to help you, working exclusively for you as your representative in your search for the ideal property to invest in or buy in Andorra.

We are a real estate agency specialised in accompanying our clients on their quest to finding the perfect house or apartment to call home. Our team will assist you through the whole process, and are committed to keeping your best interests at heart, offering you an alternative solution to the traditional real-estate service.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Real Estate Personal Shopper is a professional agent responsible for representing your personal interests when it comes to buying or renting in Andorra. A R.E.P.S will assist you throughout the whole process, helping you to save both time and money.

This means you can save yourself the huge headache that usually comes with acquiring a new property; Am I paying too much? Is this a good investment? Is this really the right property for me?

Anyone can hire the services of a Real Estate Personal Shopper, since they offer extensive knowledge of the market, and have access to opportunities that are not within reach to non-industry individuals. However, hiring a R.E.P.S is especially intended for:

  • Overseas clients who are searching for real estate as a home and/or an investment in Andorra, and who perhaps do not speak the local language or are unfamiliar with the local regulation and/or area.
  • Clients who, either due to lack of time or because they are not physically present in the country, are unable to arrange visits or browse different agencies and who prefer to work with a professional real-estate agency to save them all this work.
  • Companies or freelancers looking for offices or premises to buy or rent for their business in an efficient and discrete manner, whilst saving time, effort and money.
  • Using a R.E.P.S gives you access to a wider catalogue of luxury homes, apartments, premises and offices, as your agent will conduct a full search across the ENTIRE available real estate offering to find the perfect property for you.
  • Your R.E.P.S will carry out an initial selection of properties, conducting the first viewings to save you from wasting time on unproductive visits and avoiding having to start from scratch with each new real-estate agency, going over your search criteria and needs all over again.
  • As your personal real estate agent, they will negotiate and guide you into getting the best possible deal, as they will be solely dedicated to your needs.
  • After the interview with your Real Estate Personal Shopper, you can sit back and let them do all the work for you, saving yourself all the usual hassle that comes with searching for property. All you have to do is decide which of the final options to send your moving van to!
  • Avoid any risks by allowing yourself to be advised throughout the process by a professional who understands both the Andorran property market and current legislation. They will lay out all of the pros and cons of each property for you with complete transparency.
  • A Real Estate Personal Shopper allows you to search for property with total discretion throughout the entire search and negotiation process.
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