Sell your home, step by step

Sell your home, step by step

Selling your flat quickly is possible!

When we decide to sell our home a good exercise is to remember what made us fall in love with the house and to make that the possible buyers can see in the property the same virtues that made us decide for their purchase.

1- Before selling your apartment, analyze all the flaws:

Over time and the use small damages may appear in homes, this is why it is necessary to check plugs, blown lamps, holes in the walls, ceilings, worn floors, faucets, ... and repair them before beginning with the cycle of views. The malfunction of some equipment of the house can suppose a negative input that penalizes directly in the price of offer of the buyer.

2- If you want to sell your flat quickly, opt for neutral colours: 

Painting in neutral and clear colours will make the rooms brighter and increase the sensation of space.


    baño / bany / salle de bains / bathroom

3- Study the storage space, a key factor to sell your property.

Shelves, office, clothes, toys for the little ones, should stay decluttered ... and if possible move those objects that you don't need to have at hand. The potential buyer wants to know that he will have enough storage space in his new home and this feeling will be reinforced if they see that the current owner keeps the rooms tidy.

4- The small details are determinant in the decision making on the part of the buyer.

The bathrooms and the kitchen are the two spaces that attract the most attention; it is advisable to apply grout to the joints, check the silicone and make sure the glass and marble are shiny. Personal hygiene products, utensils and small appliances should be removed from sight. 

5- Remove furniture and unnecessary objects

Despersonalize is to remove personal memories such as photographs and leave few decorative items such as vases and paintings, only those necessary to avoid the feeling of emptiness. It is also important to remove furniture that may be too large or cut the step, as it would give the feeling of dwarfing the space.


If during the sale process you continue to live in the home, you should keep in mind that the real estate can arrange a visit at any time with a potential buyer. Just before the visit it is necessary to raise blinds and open curtains so that the maximum natural light enters.


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