Invest in Andorra

It’s one of the smallest countries in the world, but its uniqueness and strategic location, halfway between Spain and France, make Andorra a country that does not pass unnoticed under any circumstances.Thus, the Andorra brand has grown to position itself as one of the most attractive countries to invest in the whole world. Firstly, as the main attraction for foreign investors, investing in Andorra is synonymous with doing so in a country with great potential in the tourist and commercial field.

In this sense, it might be said that Andorra is one of the few countries able to maintain the high season during almost the whole year, being one of the main destinations for the European tourist during the winter months, but also positioning itself as a destination very interesting for thousands of tourists during the summer.In addition, another of the most important tourist attractions of the Principality is its large commercial offer, attractive for the variety of products and services, but also for it's an advantageous tax.An exceptional natural environment, a powerful commercial network, a first-class tourist destination, the quality of life … Features that becomes Andorra in the most important destination for investments in Europe currently, and with good reason. Let us tell you why:


Significant tax benefits for investing in Andorra

And why is this growing interest to invest in Andorra? The answer lies in the fiscal facilities that investors get when they arrive in the Principality. In fact, according to data provided by the prestigious international consultant Bradley Hackford, in 2017 Andorra was the second most attractive country to invest, just behind Malta. The study considered, in addition to the fiscal conditions of the State, the quality of life, the geographical situation and the legal and physical security of the country. In this sense, if you are an investor, the Principality also offers many facilities to regulate your activity, since, for example, you can obtain a passive residence permit with a minimum investment of 400,000 euros.

Additionally, citizen security, legal stability, education, health and, ultimately, the high quality of life that Andorra offers, are also other aspects highly valued among investors. Likewise, life in Andorra is more profitable when it’s compared to its neighboring countries, France and Spain, since it includes an Indirect General Tax (IGI) of only 4.5%, being one of the lowest in the continent.

Besides, residents also pay income taxes well below the average for other European states. Businessmen and shareholders also benefit from the fiscal peculiarities that Andorra offers because, the nominal and maximum tax rate is only 10% for enterprises, reaching even lower percentages in case of being able to benefit from specific deductions.

Furthermore, taxation is another aspect that makes Andorra an ideal country for investment due to the dividends distributed by companies to Andorran residents are exempt from taxation.

tax benefits andorra

Invest in Andorra is a synonymous with doing it in a growing Real Estate market

As a country with a relevant tourist and commercial attraction the Principality offers a unique opportunity to invest in all types of real estate properties.Andorra is a country with a very particular geography that allows obtaining exclusive and charming real estate opportunities, very interesting for individuals. With Madriu Real Estate you can obtain a property in any of the 7 parishes in which the Principality is divided, as a new construction flats, penthouses, duplexes, rustic and semi-detached houses, as well as parking spaces and commercial establishments, among others. In short, we have a broad portfolio of unique properties for real estate investment.

Investing in Andorra means doing it with all the guarantees, making a safe bet in a country full of opportunities, with a stable economy and in constant growth, in a unique location like the Andorran Pyrenees.